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Arrangement for cello octet, Manuel Santapau.


HOGWARTS LEGACY: Harry Potter SOUNDTRACK. Cello Cover Hogwarts Legacy is an open world role-playing video game that is in development. It is developed by Avalanche Software and will be distributed by Portkey Games. The game is set in the second half of the 19th century in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Universe created by writer J.K. Rowling. "Overture to the Unwritten," from composers Chuck E. Myers, J. Scott Rakozy, and Peter Murray, features the Seven Springs Symphony Orchestra & Choir bringing the sounds of Hogwarts Legacy to life with some familiar melodies while debuting something wholly new and unique to the video game. In a press release from Hogwarts Legacy, "Overture to the Unwritten" is described as a composition that "conjures a magical melody reminiscent of the Wizarding World fans are accustomed to while evoking an older descant from ancient lore." Portions of the piece are cheery and inviting, while other parts foreshadow the mystery and darkness that come with the shady side of magic. The music video for "Overture to the Unwritten" features the orchestra and choir members as they perform the piece in its entirety, with authentic gameplay footage projected around them. More detailed cutscenes offer viewers a closer look through the grounds of Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and other areas of interest that players will eventually be able to explore.

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