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Seduced by newly created music, Manuel Santapau has gained an unusual seal in the musical world. In addition to having been awarded in several national and international competitions and having obtained the highest grades at the Superior Conservatory of Murcia, and later at Valencia.

During all that time, his interest and open mentality took him from the classical world, which will always be present and from which he was lucky enough to receive classes and advice for several years from Maestro Marçal Cervera, to the contemporary world, being a collaborator of ensembles such as the Grup Instrumental de Valencia or the Ensemble d'Arts and founding member of the Ensemble Espai Sonor. 

Thanks to this, it leads him to develop knowledge and research into current forms of expression and to participate in important international festivals such as Música Nova (Sao Paulo, Brazil), SMASH Festival (Salamanca, Spain), ENSEMS (Valencia, Spain), Festival Opus (Bordeaux, France), Mostra Sonora (Valencia, Spain), Ciclo Espirales (Paris, France) or the Klang Cycle (Helsinki, Finland). 

The meetings with Jose Manuel López López, Voro García, Luís de Pablo, Héctor Parra, Alberto Posadas, Aureliano Cattaneo, Elena Mendoza and Georg Friedrich Haas deeply marked his evolution.

His pedagogical activities are carried out in such diverse environments as the Castellón Superior Conservatory, ESMAR (High Performance Music School), the CellosMagics Campus and the different courses and workshops where he is invited to give master classes each year. He is currently cello soloist of the Castellón Symphony Orchestra and professor at the Alicante Conservatory of Music.

Manuel Santapau has recorded several albums with the Ensemble Espai Sonor for the Stradivarius record label and has a doctorate in Neuroscience from the Universitat Illes Balears. 

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